*You can have a look at our Yuotube Channel to get inspired, all videos are made with our AI.



Basic usage

The language of the site interface does not affect the language of the video, which must be selected when creating the video.

To begin, try writing 10 lines (an article, a presentation, an explanation), separate the lines with a paragraph, enter 6 or more keywords (they are essential).

Give the video a title.

When the video is created it will appear in “My Videos,” you can:
1. create a variant [new edit] by changing the signoli clips associated with the sentences and other options.
2. recreate the videos [restart], this is if you need to change the text or keywords.

Todo list, future improvements:

– upload/add logo
– upload/add custom music
– select music from the library
– implement more voices for English, Spanish and Italian (https://speech.microsoft.com/audiocontentcreation)
– Tags to define specific text to burn and text to speech (now there’s a specific tag to define keywords to use, by insert this tag in the beginning of the line [[uv keys=xxx, yyy]] and a tag to force the duration of  clip associated to a sentence (or multiclip) [[uv duration=+10]]  you can specify how many seconds to add to what would be the default duration]. The limit is 98 seconds).
– Select Custom Color or bigger palette in the text editor.
– Add Color Filters: Softer Alternate RGB with less shift color and alternating normal values.
– upgrade the text editor, there’s a bug: if you have applied outline color to some text, when you open the editor it will desappear.

For the text styling you can use ASS TAGS, compatibility is not fully supported and still in beta: use at your own risk.

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